(MICROMAN) FantAsia Toyz
If you want to purchase vintage, reproduction or new Japanese Microman toys then I highly recommend contacting my buddy Felix at FantAsia Toyz.
    (Actually Felix is everyones buddy! ~8) and he's got an understanding wife too!)

(MICROMAN) Microman Forever by Paul Lorphanpaibul.
Lots of great information & images covering Microman's many different production lines.

(MICROMAN) Microman Megaplex by Rik Ruff.
A very thorough cronological presentation of the Japanese Microman toy Lines.

(MICROMAN) Microman Rescue Base Seattle by Bryan Wilkinson.
 Lots of info & pictures of Takara's original and new Microman toys

(MICRONAUTS) Innerspace Online by the ever outrageous Dave Waugh
This crazy micro-collector is putting together one very cool, fun website.
Hey and he'll tatoo yer @@s for micros too! ~8]

(MICRONAUTS) Jeffrey's Sub-Atomic Realm Of The Microverse
Where The Micro Doctor Can Fix Your Micro Related Ills
  by Jeffrey Gaier
A ever expanding collection of very handy tips for restoring and repairing those 20 year old Microman and Micronauts toys. Hey look! The doctor does make house calls!

(MICRONAUTS) Micro by Randall Barker.
Randall creates Micro & Henshin artwork in the coolest, cleanest fun style.
 I can't get enough of it.

(MICRONAUTS) The Micronauts Home Page by Erik Larsen.
Lots of info and pictures of Mego's 1970's Micronauts toy line.

(MICRONAUTS) The Micronauts Marketplace also by Erik Larsen.
For the buying and Selling of Micronauts and related.
 There is also a great price guide available here.

(MICRONAUTS MARVEL COMICS) Micronet by Willy Jones.
The Micronauts comics Home page with Willy's own artwork and online tribute comic, a museum, and a Michael Golden gallery.

(MICRONAUTS) Microweb by Patrick McNeal .
Patrick displays photos of his collection along with informative descriptions of each toy.

(Henshin Cyborg... friends of Microman)
Neo Henshin Cyborg: Cybernetics Research and Development Lab by Randall Barker.
Wonderfully designed site with many photos of the (new) Neo Henshin Cyborgs
 and excellent graphics created by Randall.

This alphabetical Micro-links page is designed to give a quick, thorough tour of the "Microverse".
There are many other great Micro related websites to check out in addition to these. If you want more than is offered on this page, please access the following link and be taken through "Tube 4" to find yourself in the extremely thorough wild ride of a web-site that is...

Micropolis Rocket Tubes Transit System. by Bryan Wilkinson